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3 & 3& tuesddy, december 18th. 3&p-tease countdown to hristmas 3 - we're giving away giffs
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every day through christmas eve. &&peve. 3 our lucky winnnrr 3 will get a chance 3 tt choose iff from under the tay tuned for your chance to win! 3 33- 3 3 p,
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3 first on fox...violence erupts insidd a baltimore city school... after a wommn -3 delivering a birthddy cake gets into a knife fight wiih a school administrator. administrator.nattioal academy &pfoundation prep middle school immediately went into lockdown. east baltimore with the laaess 3 good orning guuspolice sayya women carrying a cake ann balloons... wwlked up to the front of he school here yesterday and said she hhd a
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deeivery ffr her sisterrbbt once she was buzzed into he building... ww're told she did not follow protocol. protocol.instead of going to the frrnt officc... the 21- yeaa old woman went to te officials say pshh was carrying a knife. when she was connrooted by a school administrator she used the knife... to cut im on hiss hands.immeeiately... the you can imagine... parrnns -3 were frantic. 3& (paaent) "itt ridiculous sometting needs to happen and coming off the inciddnt in &pnewtown any parent anyyreal parent is going to be - concerned bout whats going onn & far as their child" this incident.buttthe chool administratoo was sent tt the & hoopital. the suspect issat theecitt lock up tonight facing a llng liss of charges. - 3& school is expected to open on schedule here this morning.but still a lot of unanswerrd & questions about safety... we'll have morr on that part - pf
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the story commng up next half ouu.i'' megan gilliland, & fox45 mornnng news. 3 p3 newtown, connncticut ill face many more funerals ooer the --3next few days... as christmas approaches. as natisha lance explains... students other thaa those who attend sannyy hook elementary... are pttrting to return to class this morning... as a community rocked by tragedy... tries o find someenormalcy. 3 3 the first funerals were heldd monnay or victims of friday's shooting at sandy hook -3 elemennary. two six-yeaa-olds jack pinto and oah pozner were lliidto rest... hose who attended noahhs funeral say his mother's words about her belovee llttle oy were poignant. "hee as very ood boy and when she told him 'i love you' hhssanswer as 'not as muchhas i ovv you.' and -3 that was his coostant ansser a dry eye when the mother passion, tremendous feeling -3 and i think everrone was
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touched." family and friends alsooremembered little jack pinto. a budding wrestler... mann of jack's friends arrived at his funeraa weaaing newtown -3 wrestling sweatshirts. he was an avid new york giantt fan. innffct, he was buried in a giants jersey. 'newtown is forever changed... we came today as a teammate, cuz that's who ww are, that's who neetown is riggt? we're here 3 studenns will return to school sandy hook elementary will -3 noo. truuks filled with sandy pook materials headed to a neighhoring town to reopen in a former middle school. materials, thh backpaccs hat phey left. whennthe children come in wheneeer the school has started they walk into a classroom that looks as close as possible as thhirrclassroom no official date setton when sandy hhok will start aaain. 3&pan almost ubearable
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procession oo mourning is underway in the quaint neww england community. two dozen funnrals are lanned for the charlotte helen bacon andd jessica rekoo... aad wakks foo daniel geraad barden and teacher victoria soto.. 3 as he community of newtown, ponnecticut begins the healing - process... help is pouring in from acroos the region.the newtoww post oofice says it's been taking calls non-stop... froo ppoole wanting to seed &pletters, care packagessand drawings froo children. so on mondayy.. he postal servvce peddcated a post office box tt send your wn condollnces... -&pwe've posted he address on our go to foxx bbltimore dot com slaah morning. 3 diik's ssorting goods is pulling certain types of shelvee... t stores around the ccuntry. pountry.the store says it's also removing all guns fromm its store nearest to newtown, connecticut. the retailer says the hange comes out of ressect for the victims andd families of last week's massscre at sandy ook
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eeementary. it's uncleaa how long the sttre will keep the sussension in place. -3 3 aaman is ccaaged in the double shooting ... that left one man dead and another fighting for - his life in west baattiore. tion bolden is ccaaged witt 1-st and 2-nd degree murder after police ssy he shot avon ball and another man early saturday morring on presson stteet.... after an argument at a club. 3&pcritical condition , this morning. ball as murder trial of his foster prother thatt as sst for february. an investigation into why a -& an diiedin police custody... is prompting protests.that's because some say... ttere's been a lack of progress. -3 progress..rotest nat -3 nat 3 family and frienns oo anthonn anderson called for action deputy sheriff's looked oo. &panderson's death was uued a homicide... but city state's attorney gregggbeenstein has yet to make a determination if
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the officers iivolvee broke the lawwandeeson's mother is now ppshing for answers. 3 06::5:37 "iiveeseen the whole thing. it's nothing nobody told me it's what i saw. so what are you going to do now, - kill us?" us?"prosecutoos ell fox 45... the iivestiggtion is ongoong. -3&p3 aanewwrecall coold affect the items... sitting underryour &&pchristmas tree. & tree.a toyycalledd"water balz" - and itss ther varieties: "growing skulls"... "h-2-o ffowers"... are being recalled... for ingestion iss. the toys absorb watee... andd can expand 400 times theer original size. that's big ttouble if a chiid swallows -3 one. he voluutary ecall haapened... after a baby toy after eating it last year. 3 a young girl takes on major company... and ins. 133year-old mckennaapope - petitioned for hasborooto make pender-neutral "easy-bake ovenn"... so her brothee could have ooe that's not purple or pink.on monday... sse sat down wwth the company... and got
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her wish.hasbrr is now planning to make a -3 black--nd-silver oven... that could hit shelves by nexx fall. 3 a 50 thousand dollar grrnt ii on the liin, nddone locall school is only a few clickss away froo grabbinn the prize. so can they convincc you to hhlp get them tt the finish liie? oel d. smith is live at mounn washington school to show us how the mmney would be spent, and wwat happens if phhy omm up just a little bit short. short. 3 3
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3 coming up on tte earlyy edition... gun control. bbsiness having access to any fireerm. fireaam.the new debate sparked by the mass shootinggin connectiiutt &p 3 3 ((break 1)) 3 ((bbup in)) 3 ((break 11)((break 1))
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3 still to come... millions of creeit card users... getting money back. packkthe deceptive practices some big name companies are paying for. p 1:41:21 he had no businnss havinggaccess to any firearm. firearm.calling for strrcter gun lawssthe argummnts for nd against... in baltimorr. 3 ((break 2)) 3
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33the connecticut shootinn has 3 stticter gun ccntrol lawssa newwpoll by the wassington post shows that 54 perrent of peoole favor new limitsson gun - riihts √°in general√°...433 &ppercent oppose that dea. idda.banniigghigg-capacity clips... gets the moss &ppupport...banning the sale of handguns ...gets the least support. 3among those speaking out ... baltimore city mayor stephanie rawliigs bbake, but as crime &pand justice reporter joy pepooa tells us... the city's & murder numbbrs are on the rise again... despite some f the toughest guns laws in he natton. nation. 3 ((pkg)))over tte weekend.... this was the scene ii - baltimore city as hundreds of guns were turnne in aa parttof a buypack prooram. (nat pop
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of twenty ggage from gun buyback pkg))) still baltimorr is raaked 7tt among the top ten most dangerous cities in the u-s by forbes magazine. 3people have een murdered in the city in 2011 and that nnmber is expected to climm before the ew ear is sseree in. deepite... that.... & maryland's gun laws aae among theemost stringent in the - don't know how you get annmore strict than maryalnd already owner in harrord county.while he sympathizes with thee tragedy that occured in connecticut...1:41:21 he had po business having ccess to any firearm. horst doosn't -beliive stticter laws are the answer.1:48:32 i'd like t see mmre done to bring mental heelth issue brought to the -3 forrfront and dealt with. in mmryland.... the state police maintain a list of regulaaed firearmm to be sold. 3 of holding more thann20 rounds can not be sood or manufactured, though they may - be
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possessed. you must btaii a safety raining certificate. be at least 21 years old. you can not suffer from any mental disorder or a ffgitive from justice or convict person may not urchase more &pthaa one regulated firearm in & p 30 day period.ssill that's not enough for some local politicans.05:48:49"it simply ddesn't make sense to have assault weapons ffr public &pusee, maryland senator baabara mukulssi had this to saa... on the issue05:44:25"i think we need to look at two things, one miliiary assault weappns people who present a clear and present dangers, and tten & there is the issue of mental healtt services. while gun control is debated... ownnr mike hoost says tough gun 3 the number of killingg in cities like balitmroe.
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you're willing to break the lepola fox 5 news aa & ten. p3 the brrdy campaign to & prevent gun violence ranked toughest in the nation. 3 we'll be ssreaming a live ttwn hhll meetiig abouttgun conttol liie on our weesite ...thuusday night at seven o'clock -3 3 straighh aaead... refunds.... - for redit card users. users.the money millions of - ammrrcanssare getting back... and why. 3& ((break 3))
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3 our credit cards are getting a workout this time of yyar. so hearing millions of us will get monny ack from cceditors may sound too good to be true...felicia taylor explains why discover, american express and capital one are forced to hand out hundreds.... to millions of credit card customers. 3 & six-million discover, american express and capital one ccstomers are geeting efunds.
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the three credit card companies are payingga total -3 of $435 million dollars because of a crackdown on deceptive credit card practices. the deal was aannuuccd y the consumer financial protection bureau 3 payments are now going ut. capitol one willlpay out $150 million in the new yearr t's accused of tricking customers into buying additional products -- likk ccedit monitoring -- when opening credit ards. nd it's a similar story for discooer, which is paying $200 million. ddscover will issue refunds next year. american express october... after the c-ffp-b - found ammrican express suusiddaries illegally charged higher late fees and mislead pustomers by promising cash their "bbue sky" credit card program. and those rewards never came. in all three cases, customers don't need to just keep an ye on your monthly statemeets because for ccrrent cardhollers, the
5:28 am
reeund willlshow up as a credit on the account. former customees will get checks n the mail. if you think you should get a efund but haven'tt check witt the card iisuer first, then try the c-f-p-b. i'm felicia taylorr n & new york. 3coming up... posing... for a provooative picture. pradition... that a gun rrnge ps deffnding..- 3- 3
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